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BC Orchids Who we are_Cymbidium_overzich

BC Orchids is proud to work with the best growers in Holland and abroad.

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Cymbi Center invents and makes concepts that are especially suitable for (mini) cymbidiums. They provide added value in the form of customization, concepts, and cooperation. Customization is, for example, supplying color in one box or supply mixing boxes with theme-related color combinations, such as Autumn, Christmas, or spring mixes.



Ansu Vanda is the only European Vanda supplier With breeding and propagation in Thailand and nurseries in the Nederlands, they deliver what is promised every day. The Vanda is the symbol of exclusivity in floriculture.



Apollo Orchids is a nursery of 40 varieties of Cymbidiums. They have their beehive in the greenhouse. The bees eat the honey from the flower so that there are no black spots on the flower. And so they can use fewer pesticides.



Since its foundation in 1995, Ichtus Flowers & Plants has been involved in the careful cultivation and delivery of cut and pot Anthuriums and later the cut Phalaenopsis. The latter butterfly orchid in particular ensured that Ichtus Flowers could grow into the market leader in this sector.

To remain market leader, they look closely at innovations, new cultivation techniques, or packaging technologies to see whether they can apply them within their field.



Stricker Orchids is specialized in growing large-flowered cut cymbidium. Since 1997 they have started growing orchids. Their flowers are harvested daily during the season. This is done by hanging the stems from harvest trolleys to minimize damage to the flower stems.


The cymbidium stems are sold through flower auctions in the Netherlands. The cymbidium stems are sold via the auction clock and via direct sales to the flower exporters.



René van Eijk Orchideeën BV is a MPS A certified company specializing in growing high-quality standard Cymbidium (orchids) as cut flowers.


The nursery, based at two locations with a combined surface area of 35.000 square meters. Production is 375.000 stems per year during the September June period. They specialize in ready-made packing of cymbidium for long-distance flights to market.

The stems are packed color mixed with five or six colors in each box or as mono boxes using only one color. They also prepare ready-made bouquets for supermarkets and department stores. All packing is done after close consultation with their customers.


Grower_Ronald Ammerlaan.jpg

Ronald Ammerlaan has been an independent entrepreneur in large-flowered Cymbidiums since 1986. By purchasing new varieties and products, Ronald Ammerlaan ensures that he meets the wishes of his customers, even if there are special wishes of the customer, he tries to meet them.


The standard number of stems in a box is 4, 6, 9, or 12 and with special requirements, 8 or 10 stems can be placed in a box.


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