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We have extensive experience in exporting cut flowers worldwide.

BC Orchids started as a brand in Dutch Orchids. We specialize in supplying fresh orchids. Freshly cut at the grower in the morning and shipped to the customer the same day by plane. We sell to importers, wholesalers, and chain stores. Quality is the top priority. For this, we work closely with the best growers in the Netherlands. We deliver in the period from November to June.


Sea container transport:
In 2020 we have successfully shipped several sea containers with cymbidiums to the USA, they withstood this well and have remained high in quality. Sea transport from the Netherlands or Belgium to Savannah in the USA takes 9 days, in total, it takes about 12/13 days. Air transport takes an average of 7/8 days. Sea transport has the advantage that the temperature and humidity are ideal for cymbidiums. It is also possible to cut the cymbidium branches at precisely the right ripeness for sea transport. Several tests have proven that the shelf life of cymbidiums sent by sea transport, with a constant temperature and humidity, is at least as sustainable as a cymbidium sent through the air with varying temperatures and humidity.